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May 7, 2018
ICM Features its Airport Self-Service Solutions at the FTE in Las Vegas
September 5, 2018

Years ago, I was told a story that many species do not migrate more than a few miles from their birthplace, unless basic needs are no longer available. Even when born in seemingly very undesirable places, the environment has to get just uncomfortable enough to disrupt and change habits.

Disruption Anxiety

The word ‘disruption’ is undesired at airlines and airports as well as with its passengers. Even in the context of solutions, disruption can already cause anxiety. But what if the word describing disruptive solutions is applied in its true context, disrupting conventional processes and traditional thinking?

Not Uncomfortable Enough

Looking from an airplane window onto the tarmac, I have observed the loading and unloading of bags. To manually lift, push and pull hundreds of pieces of luggage seems very time-consuming and harmful to the human body. Clearly, a conventional and a just-not-uncomfortable-enough process to trigger change.

Space and Time

Solutions are being implemented to eliminate passenger queuesat check-in that optimize airport space at the same time. Solutions are available for loading and unloading bagsthat save airport space, reduce wait time for claiming bags at arrival and get an airplane back into the air sooner, known as the crucial aircraft turn-around time.

Disrupt Discomfort

Possibly more than in any other industry, the basic needs of airlines, airports and its passengers can be expressed in terms of space and time. Yet, the discomfort associated with those two elements is often still tolerated. The question is, who gets just uncomfortable enough, the airline, the airport or the passenger.

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