Expand360 helps with International Business Development and Cultural Competence Improvement

We'll be your partner in international business development and expand your business in new markets

why us?
  • We have over 20 years of experience in generating incremental revenue and savings costs in international markets and across cultures
  • We have developed business in new international markets and improved cultural competence for clients to secure further expansion
  • We offer a variety of engagement models that fit your needs to secure a true partnership with a mutual commitment for success.
what we do

We start with business development right away while exploring the market and building relationships as opposed to the other way around

We offer workshops, coaching, and lectures to help you navigate through cultural differences (national and organizational)

who we are

We deliver services based on a proven international track record

Expand360 and partners operate differently than most firms. We have a proactive method based on milestones that help develop business right away. Expand360 can help your company hit the ground running in a new country using our expertise, existing contacts, and knowledge on market expansion. We provide services to overcome cultural differences, which represents an underestimated component of international expansion. We help companies navigate through initial cultural obstacles or provide guidance to resolve problems with cultural differences when they appear

International Business Development and Cultural Competence
International Business Development and Cultural Competence
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