Expand360 Signs with ICM Airport Technics

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June 5, 2017
Trust but Verify
July 31, 2017

Expand360 will represent ICM Airport Technics to develop the market for ICM Automated Bag Drop (ABD) products and services in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

North American airlines and airports are expected to increasingly apply self-service stations that allow customers to quickly, securely and easily check their own bags.

ICM products and services have been successfully deployed at various airports in Europe, Asia and Africa as well as in Australia and New Zealand and is the only global company with a proven track record of large self-service bag drop projects with biometric technology.

Expand360 is a firm based in Atlanta, USA and is specialized in International Business Development; the partners at Expand360 have decades of international airport and airline experience, including in The Americas.

For more information visit www.autobagdrop.com

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