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According to an episode of MythBusters on Discovery Channel in 2014, most airlines have boarding procedures of passengers all wrong. Boarding 173 passengers with (elite) frequent flyers first and going from back to front takes the most time (24.29 minutes). The fastest method is actually random boarding with no assigned seats (14.07 minutes).

Discomfort or Speed

The boarding test measured two variables. Speed and comfort. While the random method was the fastest, it was also ranked as the lowest on a comfort scale. The traditional back-to-front boarding also scored low on comfort. All other methods, variations of the WILMA method (window seats first, followed by middle seats then aisle seats), were much better.

Not Both Ways

I always like to compare the airline and airport business with international business in general and the above example once again shows that one can not have it both ways. It shows that anarchy can be fast, but discomfort or stress can be overwhelming. Someone else, not the passenger, has to unburden the process to create a balance between speed and comfort.

Unburden The Process

For successful international expansion, companies will have to find a balance between speed and comfort (or discomfort) through the process. That balance is usually found by involving others with experience and expertise to unburdening the process. It allows for companies to not only see obstacles or only opportunities.

Not a Test

Expanding internationally goes through phases. Strategic intent is the very first phase. To unburden the process is a second phase. The third crucial phase is determination and persistence, especially at times of discomfort and lack of instant results. One deplanes at the desired destination, at the end of the flight. International expansion is not a test.

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