Know What You Need

Stop Making Sense in International Business
October 20, 2017
Back to the Future at Airports
February 18, 2018

Many travelers have stories about their airline and airport experiences. Mostly, those stories are not so good, because negative customer experience stories travel more, further and faster than positive stories. The key question is: ‘What do passengers need even if they do not know it exists?’

Self-Service Change

Ed Bastian, Delta Air Lines’ CEO, recently suggested that technology is going to change flying by building a ‘single view of the customer’ and provide solutions, which could include self-service solutions and biometric related technologies (facial recognition or finger prints) that will dramatically enhance the customer experience.

I Want More

I recall the roll-out of self-service check-in kiosks and loved it. It eliminated unnecessary questions and an amazing number of key strokes by an agent. Today, I check-in on my phone and use a fingerprint process at several airports to pass security. I want more biometrics.

Fast and Happy

At Singapore Airport Changi, passengers can use biometric solutions to check-in, drop off luggage, pass security and board the plane. It is called FAST. On the happy island of Aruba, the airport has piloted a similar process already years ago. It is called Happy Flow. Noticed the two key words? Fast. Happy.

Happy 2018

It is time for US airlines and airports to catch-up and go beyond. Technology enhances the customer experience and allows airline and airport employees to become human as customer service agents as opposed to processors. Let 2018 be the year of happy passengers and give them what didn’t know they needed.

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