May 4, 2017

This Is Not a Test

According to an episode of MythBusters on Discovery Channel in 2014, most airlines have boarding procedures of passengers all wrong. Boarding 173 passengers with (elite) frequent […]
April 6, 2017

The Good Assumption

The term ‘economics’ comes from the Ancient Greek oikos, which means ‘house’ and nomos, which stand for ‘custom’ or ‘law’. In other words, economics is really […]
March 9, 2017

Ideas from Inside the Box

The customer is king. Some may be treated as queens (better than kings). Messengers play a crucial role in delivering information to them; they may even […]
February 9, 2017

Uberize It

I love Wikipedia. ‘Google it’, many times really means: ‘Check Wikipedia’. Information in seconds, based on the intriguing concept of using knowledge that is already out […]